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Whether you’re currently working full-time as a Freelance Writer...Or you have a 9-5 (but you’re looking to start doing “your own thing”)...This blueprint has everything you need to start Premium Ghostwriting.

Written by Nicolas Cole, who...

• Has ghostwritten for 300+ industry leaders.• Built & scaled the first thought leadership ghostwriting agency to $2,000,000 in annual revenue in 2 years.• Co-created the internet's 2 leading digital writing programs, Ship 30 for 30 & the Premium Ghostwriting Academy.

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Framework 1. The #1 Reason Why Most Freelance Writers Are Broke (And How To Fix It).Framework 2. The Secret To Charging Premium Prices As A Ghostwriter.Framework 3. How To Create Your Own Irresistible Offer As A Ghostwriter (In 3 Simple Steps).Framework 4. A Proven Technique To Land New, High-Paying Clients Every Month.Framework 5. How To 10x Your Earnings (Or Make The Same Amount Of Money Working 1/10 Of The Time).Framework 6. BONUS: The Most Effective Way To Do Cold Outreach (Without Being "Salesy").Framework 7. BONUS: A 3-Part Formula To Finding Your Own Lucrative Niche As A Premium Ghostwriter.

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